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When Being Basic Goes Viral

Ok, so I saw this headline in BlogTO and was like "omg, wow, a MICHELIN starred restaurant served someone canned tuna (in the can) and chips for $25?!"

Now, despite having owned high end restaurants...I'm still a kid from the hoods of Toronto. When I opened Roosevelt Room, our executive chef freaked out because I had no idea what Fois Gras was "and how are you supposed to sell it?!"...when I did find out, I took that needlessly cruel shit off my menu ASAP (he was pissed. lol).

Anyways, it turns out this isn't as "scandalous" as it appears though, because apparently this isn't "canned tuna fish" and is more a delicacy that retails for $18 a can and is meant to be eaten that way!

So, this isn't a case of "inflation gone amuck" or a greedy restauranteur...but someone basic who was eager to be part of our "call out culture" and jumped the gun, exposing her basicness. lol.

Apparently she didnt name the resto...which is a good thing, because this business is hard enough as it is, we live in a world where people don't read past the headlines and everyone is in search of attention and clicks...this went viral..for her mistake. If it was me and they named me? I would be suing.

Happy eating, y'all!

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