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We did Something Special Last Wednesday #LatinWednesdays

I get asked all the time what's there to do on a Wednesday in the city.

The answer is surprisingly little. I mean, everywhere is open, but in terms of the right kind of party /'s all pretty standard.

In terms of hedging your bets, making a big Wednesday night is an expensive endeavor and why go after one when you can save the cost / investment for weekend nights when you're guaranteed to get a crowd?

Coming from our background, we know that we make our own luck and sometimes you have to create the crowd by giving people something new.

Our test run last week of #LatinWednesdays was a RESOUNDING success.

Toronto needed something new. Interactive and FUN to get people out mid-week...and boy did we deliver.


The night started off with dinner. Was followed by FREE Salsa and Bachata classes (9PM) and when the last seating for dinner was done, the party took off.

Whether you're looking for a chill spot for some drinks, want a delicious Latin-American / Mediterranean fustion dinner, want to learn some steps or come late night for a mid-week pick me up...Latin Wednesdays at Soluna is YOUR destination.

Come check us out tonight!

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