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TOMORROW: Friday Night Pop-Up Series At Silent H! July 28th, 2023

One of the biggest secrets to my success as a promoter? I owned my own venues.

I can walk into a venue & tell you how much money it makes.

When I was running the door at Lovechild last year, I would walk away, take a look at #KingWest come back and tell my door staff exactly how many ppl had gone inside (and was always right within a handful of ppl), no matter how long I was gone.

I know my stuff. I been on this strip for almost 20 yrs. I know when venues get it right.

Tomorrow I’m THRILLED to be hosting a pop-up the speakeasy inside the INCREDIBLE new Latin restaurant by my guys @patrickmarzouk @gustavopatzan @ravisinghremax & more!

Pat blew me away 8 yrs ago at his former venue, &Co with the QUALITY of the food & his clear passion for it.

He opened up FIGURES & the attention to detail & plus the creativity & ORIGINALITY of the concept made me fall in love.

He took that to REGULARS on King, a gorgeous venue, showcasing the quality & originality of the previous venues & let me tell you, JUST from the entrance to Silent H, I knew this venue was “IT”.

Everything they learned & believed in coalesced, PERFECTLY. I had the same feeling of Soluna: I can tell lessons learned & they turned one of the challenges of the space & made it THE draw.

Don’t even get me started on the food 😍 come see for yourself tomorrow with me.

We’re going to dance the night away inside Aitch to one of the most LEGENDARY DJs in Toronto @djaristotle Latin House & popular mashups.

This place is IT. RSVP NOW! 437.922.8672

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