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This Week At KISSA - Jan 5th & 6th, 2024

Happy new year! We are only open this Friday and Saturday for dinner and late night in the main room and the lounge!

As always, the mainroom sound will be conducted by our resident, Mike Don't on Friday and Saturday. Come hear the best of what you love from the man who makes everyone from Morgan Wallen to LeBron James get up and move their feet!

Upstairs in the lounge, we are embarking on a musical excursion to the deepest and dopest part of Africa! Every Friday upstairs in the lounge we introduce Toronto to the sounds of Amapiano (South Africa) and Afrobeats (Nigeria).

A medolic mix of African sounds blended with mainstream hits in a form you've never heard before with an eclectic, diverse crowd that only Toronto can bring! Take a look and listen here. You won't regret it!

On Saturday night, we bring things back to what we know and love, DJ Crunch takes us on an open format musical journey, giving us everything from Rock to Hip-Hop in a lively night we like to call: The GOOD Night club.

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