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The World Was Woke Before It Was Weak

Multiculturalism is not new.

I was minding my own business and saw an article from Science magazine about new genetic discoveries that verified the Swahili ppl's story of their own beginning. The largest Afrikan language family is Swahili. It's spoken by over 400 MILLION people. In my quest to rediscover my roots and origins, I put it along with Yoruba as two languages I will learn in my lifetime.

Not for reactionary nationalist or ethnocentric reasons, but because I know and understand the development of things. I learned about ONTOLOGY during the pandemic: the study of BEING.

Identity is a dead end. The world before identity was a more peaceful place. Why? It understood identity as being an expression of a WHOLE, not THE whole. People have always been mixing before we were "people". It would stand to reason that people would continue mixing bc far from what this world fragmented by identity would have us believe: people have always needed each other.

Borders are not real things. Before there were borders, there was us. We needed things which meant we needed each other. Trade & travel come as naturally as breathing to some of us. In between the vast distances of far-flung places, there have been...other, closer, places.

The world in its diverse beauty is defined by gradients of people, living & loving. These GENERATIVE ways of being came naturally because unlike what we are taught today, the understanding back then was not one of separation and aggression, it was of mutual aid where possible and diversity was seen as proof of the divine, not the degradation of the mundane as it is now.

My zeal to unlearn the destructive way of being that we all are racing to the end with, these days was never driven by who I am not, but by who I am.

Imagine my surprise when I read the headline that showed the Swahili people shared common ancestry with PERSIANS. Two advanced ancient civilizations, traveled together, lived together and loved together.

It didn't surprise me, because far from what the "go woke, go broke" crowd wants you to believe: the world was woke before it was WEAK (which is what this stuff stems from...weakness, scarcity, anger and fear). For every instance we have to fear, we have millions to be of FAITH. For every reason we have to be angry, we have millions to be understanding. For every instance we have to WANT, we have millions more to GIVE.

The world was and IS diverse and we are all the richer for it. We traveled together, we lived together and we loved together. Always have, always will.

It is, was and will continue to be a beautiful thing!

This is the natural way of things. Just because some are calling this truth "woke" these days, makes it no less true.

- Kenny

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