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THE BLACK CROWES' CHRIS ROBINSON Says He Apologized To His Brother For His 'Anger And Negativity'

Chris Robinson says he apologized to his brother Rich earlier this year to try to make amends after THE BLACK CROWES ended five years ago over what Rich saw as Chris's unfair business practices. "I apologized for my anger and negativity and that underneath it all, I would like to think I'm a very kind person and that it was unfair for me to attack him," Chris told Rolling Stone in a new interview. "But I was in a negative place. I was in a marriage that was failing. I had exerted all this effort and energy in a band that I loved and the experience that I loved. Doing AS THE CROW FLIES [a band composed of Chris and primarily former CROWES members performing BLACK CROWES songs], I was with my friends and people that are really talented, but you know what? That's his thing [points to Rich]. There was something missing that I didn't even know. And it doesn't diminish our work or experience outside of it.

Earlier today, Chris and Rich Robinson announced that they were teaming up with new musicians to perform THE BLACK CROWES' entire debut album, "Shake Your Money Maker", on a 30th-anniversary tour next year.

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