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This song's been living rent free in my head ever since I heard it in Soluna.

I have never in my life had to google so many Spanish, Arabic, Afrikan and Latin lyrics as I have since Soluna became a thing and opened a world of sounds to the people of Toronto.

Eden Shalev (Ukraine) produces this track, with Spanish and Punjabi lyrics! When you listen to it, you'll see more proof that multiculturalism works just fine ;)

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It's wonderful to see how music can bring together diverse cultures and languages in a single track. "Papi (Bhabi)" with its mix of Spanish and Punjabi lyrics is a testament to the beauty of multiculturalism and the power of music to bridge cultural divides. Eden Shalev's production, combined with these unique linguistic elements, creates a rich and vibrant listening experience. If you need to increase the popularity of your song, then order one million soundcloud plays.

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