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Soluna Customer Appreciation Holiday Party

I just wanna say thank you.

So I recently took up a fulltime gig as Marketing & Business Development Manager for Soluna (and KISSA).

Honestly, this was supposed to be my job when we first launched Soluna, but the timing just wasn't right.

2 years in and the company growing with festivals all over the world and other opportunities opening up, I was offered the gig (AGAIN) and as Dan (owner of Soluna) convincingly told me "it's not like you're getting any younger."

So I said YES! The man had a point...

What does this mean? Well, a whole lot more soluna, a whole lote more KISSA and a whole lot more going on at both places.

None of this would be possible obviously without the success of our Soluna Thursdays, which I took "ownership" of and you guys came out in your hundreds every week, bringing me ideas, opportunities and great energy...and for that, I wanna say thank you.

Join us this Thursday December 21st for our FIRST annual Soluna Customer Appreciation Holiday Party, sponsored in part by GOTSTYLE.

We will have complimentary food platters, door prizes, Soluna gift certificates for dinner and of course, the best Thursday night crowd in the city!

It takes a (Christmas) village to make this party boy grow up.

I done got me a jobbie job, but the party never ends.

See you on the dancefloor!

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