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So, What ELSE Do You Do?!

Well, would you look at that?

I talked about how much I do two weeks ago and I was so swamped last week, that I missed the newsletter!

When you're a "one man army" like's gonna happen. The truth is, the margins just aren't there on weekly promos for me to hire extra help. I love delegation and letting experts be experts, but the real money in this promoting game most definitely isn't in throwing weekly parties. It's in the big special events, concerts, festivals, galas, etc... all things I'm working on ;)

To be good at weekly promos, you must work hard & cover all the bases. You need to establish relationships with regulars, remain top of mind with occasional peeps and constantly find new people.

I would LOVE to do something else, but this is a fulltime job.

Ads, newsletters, eventbrite, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, personalized texts, WhatsApp broadcasts, database maintainence and development? All me. And then to top all of that off, I actually have to go to my own events and be the life of everyone's party (I know, tough life. lol).

I got one speed when I party: "GO!" so you can imagine the toll it takes on my body, especially as I inch closer to my 47th bday! And I gotta do it multiple times a week.

As good as Jupiter (#SolunaThursdays) has been to me, the planet of restrictions, discipline and working for what you want (Saturn) has got my birthchart in a headlock. lol. There's no shortcuts for this guy. I think that means I was a lazy, rich, jerk in a past life, cause I am paying for it in this one. lol.

Me, in a past life, probably:

It keeps me humble, honest, focused and sharp, though. At some point its gonna all come together & the juice will be worth the very tiring squeeze. Saturn is the lord of agriculture & I'm confident at some point, I'll have a bountiful harvest :)

See you on the dancefloor,

Kenny Gentry Hospitality

Text / Whatsapp Me: 437.922.8672

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