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Reactionary Politics, Punks And Old Rockers Who Need To STFU

In political science, a reactionary or a reactionist is a person who holds political views that favor a return to the status quo ante - the previous political state of society - which the person believes was better in some ways that are absent from contemporary society.

I know tolerance is a virtue. Why? It allows people to be themselves. For better or worse. We are all on this journey called life together, indisputably. We help each other learn and grow, some gently...some...not so gently.

And that's alright, man. I used to have problems with the Buddhist concept of detachment because..."what do you mean you don't care?!" Growing up like I grew up, all I knew was suffering. You name it, I experienced it or know someone who experienced it. And I felt it all. Deeply.

It was that bad.

I remain thankful.

Why? Because seeing so much unnecessary suffering made me a warrior for goodness. I make no apologies for the softer sides of myself because I've seen alot of horrors. Committed to and by people close to me.

I know how bad the world can be, man. And I also KNOW how amazing it can be and for me? I choose to embody the spirit of the latter. Its what my parties are all about. Connection, understanding, energy, fulfillment...LOVE.

People are getting lost in the sauce these days. The pendulum is swinging and making it ok to embrace the worst parts of ourselves.

A confluence of a number of things have us at another point in history where the mainstreaming of prejudice, helped along by horrible economies, the pandemic and rampant misinformation has people saying absolutely horrible things...because its ok, because "ew, WOKE!".

Just because you wrap something in "peace and love" or genteel language, doesn't mean you aren't still trafficking in ignorance and hatred.

I mean, guys who wore makeup, big hair, lipstick, shimmied, shrieked and pouted like the baddest of bitches...are giving THEIR take on "masculinity" and gender roles?

I woulda thought they would be champions, considering the 70s and 80s were far from the most progressive of times and these man were in full makeup, crop tops, leather pants. But really, as Johnny Rotten has proven to me...these people weren't rebels...they were attention seekers.

They weren't challenging norms because they thought these norms sucked and were harmful but because it would piss off "the establishment" aka Mommy and Daddy. Its why early punks also rocked swastikas and stuff.

The fact of the matter is, culture is the greatest institution there is. Cultures are TAUGHT and that teaching starts in the womb. Our culture doesn't always work...for the majority of us though and its become apparent to me that alot of people who were into "alternative culture" weren't really in it because they were seeking community, but because they were lashing out at the places in the culture that didn't work for them. For them being the key part.

It's incredibly disappointing, but I accept it, because...welcome to being human. People shit on and don't even understand what "intersectional politics" are...but it's basically the intersecting oppressions of people with varying identities.

What's clear is these old ass rockers, from Kidd Rock to Carlos Santana were never rebels. They were always poseurs. When you come from the trenches, you realize its not just you in there. When you see suffering and have a heart, empathy will always be present.

Trans people have ALWAYS existed. LGBTQ people have ALWAYS existed and its our modern day colonial culture, which lists them as an abberation...and it sucks that not even rock royalty, in their coifed, painted nail, mascara laden, glory...are really showing they've always been reactionary posers.


p.s. Shout out Fat Joe. When asked about LGBTQ...the hardcore 90s rapper from the BRONX (Joey CRACK who's team is called the TERROR SQUAD) eloquently replied "some n*ggaz is gay", shrugged his shoulders and went about his day. If only we could ALL be so enlightened.

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