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Florida man sexually assaults two stuffed animals inside a Target store

The suspect, Cody Meader, started his bizarre sex romp with a stuffed animal from Disney’s “Frozen,” then moved onto a stuffed unicorn around 2 p.m. Tuesday, according to Pinellas County, Fla.

“(Meader) proceeded to select a large Olaf stuffed animal and began to ‘dry hump’ and they ejaculated onto the item before placing it back on the shelf,” according to police.

He reportedly selected Olaf from an assortment of “Frozen” characters before throwing it on the floor and doing the deed.

Ah, my running theory that we are all in a simulation (please see my President Lisa Simpson post) and God's lazy younger brother is now just copying stuff from movies and TV shows continues to be proven true...behold...from 1988 gangster movie Colors...T-Bone...and his rabbit. lol.

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