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Duplicitous Minds x Jack Storms 4" Chroma Cube Giveaway

Hey everyone, my friend Sari is the producer on this film, DUPLICITOUS MINDS.

She will be my special guest host on Thursday Sept 14th during TIFF talking all things film production and finance for our afterwork socials at Soluna, but for now...wanna own something REALLY cool?

Check this giveaway out below! $12000 value for this cool piece of art and all you have to do is support Canadian talent!

Get in on the Heist is the new collaboration bringing together magic and illusion between the award-winning thriller/heist film, Duplicitous Minds and world-renowned cold fusion glass master Artist Jack Storms; known for his colorful and prismatic optical glass sculptures. By following and sharing both



One lucky winner will get a chance to be part of the heist (just like in the film) and win a Jack Storms Chroma Cube sculpture similar to the one in Guardians of the Galaxy, valued at $12,000.

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