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Amapiano Upstairs At KISSA Every Friday

Soluna was ground breaking. I remember there was a time in Toronto nightlife where is someone's last name had too many VOWELS in it, they would have trouble getting on a guestlist or even inside any clubs.

Personally, I never thought I would see a day when not only is a house music venue like Soluna, one of the most successful and mainstream venues in Toronto, but a venue where most of the songs are either in Arabic, Spanish or African dialects? No way.

But here we are.

Keeping up with the groundbreaking nature of Soluna, we are happy to introduce a concept called OMOPIANO every Friday in the upstairs lounge of KISSA.

Amapiano, a Nguni word loosely translated to "the pianos", is a subgenre of house music that emerged in South Africa in the mid-2010s. It is a hybrid of deep house, jazz, and lounge music characterized by synths and wide percussive basslines.


What to expect from this night? KISSA's upscale post-dinner crowd joins a lively, eclectic and diverse group of Amapiano and Afrobeats enthusiasts upstaris for a musical journey like no other. You'll see the dances, the fashion and passion of Africa fused with the type of crowd you can only find in a city like Toronto.

Its something new. Its something different. Its already popular and you'll be among the first to help break this scene in Toronto.

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