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WATCH: Deadpool 2 Trailer Released!

As a foster kid growing up, some of the only consistency I had were my comic books. I had quite the collection, which would be worth a pretty penny today...if my penchant for not cleaning up behind myself didn't lead my biological grandmother to throw them all out in the rain one day. lol. I could probably buy her house with what some of those comics would be worth right now. smh. Needless to say, comic characters are near and dear to my heart and I actually remember the first appearance of Cable and Deadpool, so I was eager to see how they would translate on screen. I was not disappointed with this new trailer. At. All.

The combination of humour, breaking the 4th wall and action make Deadpool a winner. Reynolds was born to play Deadpool and Josh Brolin as Cable is brilliant!

p.s. I had my doubts about Zazie Beetz being cast as Domino, but she looks AMAZING. Her Vitiligo eye patch was a stroke of genius.


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