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Versace BANS Fur!

Donatella Versace has followed in the footsteps of numerous other designers and ditched the fur.

The fashionista, 62, who has seemingly managed to avoid the issue until now, told The Economist‘s 1843 magazine that she will no longer use real fur in any of her designs.

She told the publication’s Luke Leitch: “Fur? I am out of that. I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion.”

According to a recently released statement, the Versace team, who will phase out fur from the 2019 collections onward, are now keen for the brand to take on a more environmentally friendly approach when it comes to their clothes.

“Sustainability is a core part of the brand’s journey into the future and Versace is constantly looking at all aspects of its business model to serve customers in an innovative and responsible way.”

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