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Craig Mack Has Passed Away...Long Live Craig Mack, Boyeeeee!

This one hits really close to home. Flava In Ya Ear was the soundtrack to one of the greatest summer's of my life as a kid.

I was 16, I had just become "cool" because of a growth spurt and my burgeoning basketball talent, I finally made some friends (one, a White guy named Jeff who looked like Craig Mack and even had an afro...don't ask. lol) and I had reconnected with my biological mother for the first time since I was 4 years old.

You just couldnt escape Flava In Ya Ear that summer...and who would want to?! Then they dropped the remix which featured Biggie Smalls, LL Cool J, Keith Murray and a host of other 90's hip-hop lyricists, which really took this song to the next level and put it in legendary status. I remember going to my first all ages party with my new friends and all of us going crazy when this dropped...with White Jeff playing the roll as Craig Mack. lol.

Man, what a year!RIP Craig Mack!!

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