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REBEL Just Booked The Best DJ You Never Heard Of: 5 Reasons To Love DJ Kayper (UK)

When REBEL first booked DJ Kayper in May, I was like...who? What? Why?!

We had just come off some crazy shows with Black Mohawk & A-TRAK and I was like...why book this nobody no one's heard of? Then she started spinning...

Let me tell you, REBEL EXPLODED. The place has 3000 people in it, plus stunning sound & lighting, so the energy is already high, but KAYPER took it to another level.

She's gotta be seen / heard to be believed, so in order to convince you, my 5 reasons for you to come check her out this Saturday with me:

1. She's from the UK. The UK is so hot right now. With a massive co-sign from Drake, UK music & grime culture has hit unprecedented levels of popularity.

2. She's...well, a she! I long for the day when this isn't important, but we're not there yet. A big thing with the explosion of the DJ rockstar has been the noted lack of venues booking female DJ's, so every booking, particularly of DJs that may not be the most well known at big venues like REBEL is a big deal. Come support to keep the trend going!

3. She counts DJ Jazzy Jeff amongst her influences! You already know anything connected to my man Will is gold in my books *Kanye shrug* lol.

But in all seriousness, for those of you who only know Jeff for getting his ass kicked repeatedly by Uncle Phil, he's actually a LEGENDARY turntablist & producer who's been DJ'ing non-stop on a weekly basis for the past 30 years!

He's still being booked at all the hottest festivals and clubs all over the world. Being a minor character on a show that's been off the air for almost 20 years isn't the reason why. It's because DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of the best mixers and turntablists, ever. You can see his influence in this video with Kayper.

4. She plays for the girls. I've got one requirement for DJs: they get the girls moving. And Kayper DELIVERS. She played banger after banger of all the songs girls love & it showed in the sweat all over their bodies when the party was done.

5. SHE'S PLAYING AT FUCKING REBEL!!! lol. This is the best club in the country, dammit. I LOVE when good DJs who know how to energize a big room get booked. It takes the energy of the place to a whole new level. You just gotta come experience it for yourself ;)

Click Here To RSVP to join me at REBEL with DJ Kayper this Saturday July 29th!

You won't be disappointed ;)

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