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War Is Not The Answer

On the heels of the terrible news in Manchester last night, apparently ISIS has taken over a city in the Philippines.

It dawns on me that the war on terror is 15 years old, at least. There are children that are almost adults who have never knwon a world without a "war" on terror.

That war has now lasted longer than the American Civil War, The Korean War, World War 1 AND World War 2, respectively.

WW2, which changed the face of the world. Ask yourselves if we are any "safer" or if the world is a better place? The answer to both of those is no.

Also, keep in mind the people that should be rotting in jail for this (Tony Blair & George Bush who LIED and COLLUDED to justify this fake ass "war" with no end) are probably doing lines off a $10,000.00 a night hookers ass in the Swiss Alps while we look suspiciously at a Muslim mother with a headscarf and her kids on the bus.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay woke. #PrayForManchester

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