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Nashville's Going To The Stanley Cup Finals!

Yeah...never thought I'd utter those words either. smh.

Exclusive footage of Marc Bergevin (who traded PK, despite him being an all-world defenceman), when he heard the news:

Seriously, PK dude put on a masterclass on poise, tact and grace while the management of the Canadiens did everything to make him the posterchild for all that was "wrong" with their organization. We all know it was his "character". But PK was too much of a gentleman (and too damn smart, frankly) to admit as much.

PK's had a rough go and I'm impressed, because if it was me in his situation I woulda been told everyone in the Habs to kiss my Black ass, but he stayed the course and persevered. And now look at him.

As noted in the above article:

It’s high time that Subban gets some of the respect he deserves as not only an offensive defenceman, but an all-around powerhouse at the position. The data has been saying he’s among the top-three defenders in the world for the past six or seven years. Perception needs to catch up with that reality.

I agree wholeheartedly. All his doubters said he would be a "distraction" in the Preds locker room, and here they are, the 8th seed 4 wins away from hoisting the Stanley Cup. PK still can't get any respect. Our own Entertainment Tonight made this blunder while "celebrating" him last night.

PK Subban has shown more class, heart and respect than the people who criticize him and I am in awe of him. Not only as a hockey player, but as a human being.


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