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Rompers For Men Are Here And I'm Sold!

I can't believe its almost June. Aside from my bday, the next most exciting thing to happen in the world is the new romper for bros: The Romphim!

Created by guys named Chip & Alex (of course), their kickstarter goal of $10,000.00 was shattered ($147,000.00 and counting) thanks to the jokes that started flying on Twitter.

If it's good enough for James Bond, its good enough for me. I am alllll in! Shout out to the original Romper room playa, Romey Rome!

Cabana season is only a few weeks away and I need me a terry cloth romper that I can pair with my Gucci slides to steal yo' girl in!!!

I'm...also gonna need abs, pecs and a new face...but one thing at a time, mmmmk?


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