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Happy "Thank God I'm Canadian" Day!

Also known as the day the "pro-life" Republicans voted to repeal Obamacare (except for Congress and their & replace it with #Trumpcare which lists these things as "pre-existing conditions":

- rape

- domestic violence

- postpartum depression

- C-sections

Wait...don't these things mostly affect women? Good thing President Trump has a "moderating" force for good in the White House like his daughter, Ivanka, eh?

These are also considered "pre-existing conditions" under #Trumpcare

Why, it's almost like if you aren't already in perfect health in every way, they don't want you to have health insurance 🤔

Emphasis on "you". As in "you people". "The poors".

"Kenny! You're being hyperbolic and partisan!"

Am I?

Here's House rep, Jason Chaffetz racing from surgery for a pre-existing condition (surgery that's covered by Congress' health insurance, by the way) to go vote to take away the same from millions of other Americans.

It sure is a good thing we don't have politicians here in Canada who are so hate filled, myopic and mean that they go on Fox News and bash our "socialized medicine", right?

Oh yeah...they also voted to defund Planned Parenthood today. #SoMuchWinning


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