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What can I do if my neighbours are smoking cannabis? Read what action you can take

This...isn't an article from the ONION, but since it is from the UK tabloid The Mirror, it should be taken just as seriously.

I'm guessing they think is solving a serious problem for their readers. Check this out (hopefully whilst high, so you can have a good laugh).

May I be so bold as to suggest that if your response to this question isn't:

1. Knock on your neighbours door and ask "yo, can I hit that fam?"

2. Knock on your neighbours door and say "yo, have you tried this yet?" and offer them some of your own artisanal ganja.

3. Knock on your neighbours door and offer them a bag of chips, because you know they're gonna be hungry soon.

4. Keep walking and mind your own goddamn business.

You're probably a buzzkill, busybody NIMBY that no one wants to be neighbours with move.


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