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The American Civil War For Dummies (Meaning You, Donald Trump)

So of course I wake up to Trump talking about the Civil War 🙄

For anyone that's wondering: It wasn't to free Black ppl. As in, it was about money, not morality.

It was a war over the direction of the US economy and immigration. Enslaved Black ppl working for free in the south, meant lower wages for all the ("White") people & immigrants in the North.

It also meant unfair competition between shit the South was producing for cheap (they weren't paying anyone remember?) vs what the North was producing. For an example see why the US won't shut up about Canadian softwood lumber for the past what? 30 years? They think bc our wood is on Crown land, the costs aren't the same, therefore we can produce shit cheaper and flood their market with it.

Anyways, those hardworking slave owning White people in the South, who didn't wanna pay anyone and wanted the "states rights" to keep treating them worse than animals went to war with other White ppl who in the midst of the industrial revolution, didn't think the future of the US' economy should depend on agrarian, slave labour, also #MuhProfitz. The South's answer to that was: "well, why don't ya'll get some too?!"

The North wouldn't shut up about it and the South got tired of it and were like fuck this, we're gonna form our own slave owning country, we're out. Thus the civil war was born. Also, anyone who thinks the confederate flag isn't "racist", it 100% is.

Unless of course something that symbolizes "the eternal superiority of the White race" as written by the guy that designed the fucking thing isn't...racist. lol. Anyways, I hate talking about this shit, but I unfortunately read the news too damn much and know this'll probably turn into another clusterfuck. So feel free to reference your friends to this post for an explanation.



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