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Toronto Woman Climbs Up A Crane And Straight Into My Heart #CraneBae

Listen, after my last relationship if this is as bad as it gets with this girl...sign me up!

A young woman is facing a mischief charge after she spent hours in the dark, perched on a towering crane high above downtown Toronto, before she was rescued by a firefighter in a daring operation on Wednesday morning.

The unidentified woman became stuck on a construction crane’s hook block, dangling approximately 20 storeys above the ground. The incident left even seasoned high-angle rescuers puzzled by how she wound up there.

Hours after being spotted by area residents in the darkness, the woman was lowered to the ground after being harnessed to a rappelling firefighter at approximately 8:30 a.m.

All's well that ends well. This coulda ended tragically, but it didn' let's focus on what really matters here: me being single and her having A-1 bone structure, long, dark hair and a radiant smile! I shall now dub thee....#CraneBae 😍

Truly the #6God was with her 😂

Listen, she's fine. She may be a it's totally not my style to fall hard for girls like that and ruin my life...nope...not at all.

But with that being said...I'm sure this will work out just fine this time!!

That moment when you realize those are cops waiting for you at the bottom 😂

Now anyone that can find out who she is and kick start our love affair will have my eternal gratitude and surely shall be welcome at my bottle service booth all the days of my life.

p.s. I'm gonna start a GoFundMe if they don't free my boo! Kenny's coming, girl!! 😭🌷

p.p.s word on the street is she's a blogger who did this for her blog. Well what a coinkydink! I'm a blogger too! Even more in common!!! All I know is, she's lucky I don't get up before noon, I woulda ran down there with my double mattress and been waiting at the bottom of that crane like:

'Sup girl ;)

p.p.p.s (is that even a thing?)

As luck would have it, being a guy that knows a guy (well, a few thousand), I was one degree of separation away from my future Mrs. me.

Turns out my buddy is friends with her ex bf.

And (allegedly) like much of the speculation, this really was a (drunken) stunt gone awry. After a night of righteous partying, our cute climber decided to scale the crane and (allegedly) documented it on Snapchat. lol.

This wouldn't be the first time our brave beauty got high (see what I did there) as it turns out her Instagram is loaded with pics of her climbing all over buildings.

So it seems like she really did do it for the 'gram. As a guy that does alot of dumb, drunken shit for a living...including doing a walk of shame with smeared makeup the day after Halloween dressed like this:

I tip my fedora to her. lol.

(Chin up Buttercup, you're alive, famous, fine and no one got hurt)

This is pretty dangerous stuff and as much light of the situation I'm making, I'm really happy no one got hurt, I hope she's got a sense of humour to match her lack of fear of heights and she's gonna have one hell of a story to tell our kids when they ask how we first met. lol.


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