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Cara DeLevingne Shaves Her Head For New Movie 'Life In A Year' With Jaden Smith

For their new romantic drama, Life In A Year, two stars who are known for their locks are shedding them!

First it was Jaden Smith, who's dad Will seemed to take extreme pleasure in shorning his sons dreads.

And now, Victoria's Secret model and Suicide Squad's own Cara DeLevigne has gone even further and completely shaved her head for her role too!

In the film, they play a young couple that falls in love..only to discover Cara's character has terminal cancer. It's definitely a new look and type of film for them both.

And oh are the custom #HometownLove shirts we are producing for the stars and cast, with 100% of proceeds going to Eva's Initiatives For Homeless Youth in Toronto. A shelter that provides youth with workable life skills.

Based on Inclusive Love Inc's #TorontoLovesEverybody shirts, these ones give the cast and crew of Life In A Year the ability to represent their hometowns and spread the love!

Each one of these are produced by the kids the money is going to help!

Guess who the Philly Loves Everyone shirt's for ;)

If you want to get a "Toronto Loves Everybody" shirt like this, we'll be doing a fundraiser / free hugs day on Saturday May 6th at 5PM at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Just show up at 4PM at Yonge-Dundas Square and you'll get a shirt, a sign, some goodies to hand out and start spreading the love!


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