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Something Stinks In Scarborough: John Tory "Allegedly" Behind One-Stop Subway Lobby Group!

I'm not no political expert, but as far as I know, the mayor of the city shouldn't be pressuring private corporations to create fake "grassroots" lobbying groups to advocate at city hall, then act like he didn't know about it!

To me, Tory has a habit of acting "objective and impartial" while working behind the scenes to manipulate city council to do his bidding.

This is the third time John tory has been caught "playing politics" in quite a shameful manner!

First in "publicly" supporting Syrian refugees, then getting his staff to tell other councillors not to.

Then, he publicly supported a gender equality motion...then had his office lobby his allies in city council to vote against it.

And now this: The Star is reporting that Tory used an advocacy group (Connect Scarborough) backed by developers (Oxford Properties) he lobbied as rationale to build the single stop, $3.5 BILLION subway!

To me, this reeks of someone who, far from being "politically inept" is just plain downright dishonest and untrustworthy.

With all of the above, plus his refusal to do a cost benefit analysis of the 22 stop LRT vs. one stop $3.5 BILLION dollar subway in Scarborough, one can't help but wonder just what his real motivations are!

John Tory's either a shitty leader who can't control people in his office and they're constantly undermining him...or he's a liar.

So...what's the story Mr. Tory?

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