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Located at 296 Brunswick Ave, Toronto’s new arcade bar Tilt has recently shared a letter on their website explaining that they’ve been evicted in favour of a new buyer that wishes to turn that property into a “boutique hotel.” The letter goes into detail, explaining how the bar was presented with the eviction notice and the situation that its upstairs tenants have been placed in.

“In mid February, the building at 296 Brunswick was sold, our new landlord came in while I was working behind the bar, introduced himself to me, handed me a letter informing us that our lease was being terminated in twelve months and then walked away. It made for an anxious night, and also an anxious couple of weeks.”

“There are a number of tenants who live on the top floor, who were all given incredibly short eviction notices. A number of these tenants are first peoples, including a first nations elder who has lived there for 28 years. If we are successful purchasing the building, we will be rescinding those eviction notices, and working with the tenants to ameliorate the situation with an eye towards sustainable affordable housing.”

Tilt opened on Brunswick Avenue in November and his since become a big hit in the Annex, also holding a 4.6 star rating on Google. Read the full letter here.


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