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Kellie Leitch's War On Elites Is Funded By Billionaires & Millionaire CEO's!

By this time we should know that populist garbage is just that. Populist garbage. Turns out Dr. Kellie Leitch (who likes to insist people call her that), who is courageously waging a war against horrible things the "elite" is forcing on us (like freedom and equality for all mankind) is bankrolled by...millionaires and billionaires.

Disturbingly, this number includes people right here in Toronto including our Mayor, John Tory's wife, Barbara Hackett. Understandable, since Leitch's evil mastermind, Nick Kouvalis was also Tory's campaign chairman.

Who's Nick Kouvalis? The lovely human being who thinks people welcoming refugees (from wars that the Conservative Party Of Canada championed) were "Traitors".

But that's chump change. The REAL money? Well, that's coming from millionaire and Billionaire CEOs, doctors, lawyers, you know..."the elite".

Some pretty prominent ones at that.

Using the most recent Elections Canada data covering all donations up to the end of 2016, PressProgress looked at the people who gave Leitch's Conservative leadership campaign the maximum allowable amount under Canada's political financing laws ($1,525).

While Leitch's campaign relies more than others on a "small pool of big-dollar donors," a close look at the names also offers a glimpse at which elite circles are lining up behind Leitch.

For one thing, three-quarters of Leitch's top donors come from Ontario – exactly 50% come from the greater Toronto area alone.

Manulife CEO Donald Guloien

CIBC CEO Victor Dodig

Billionaire gas marketer Rebecca MacDonald

Postmedia CEO Paul Godfrey

And just what are their donations funding? Ads on hate filled garbage sites like the REBEL, that runs editorials like this:

It's...almost as if Kellie Leitch was using race based hatred to enrich the already rich.

Now where have we heard that one before?



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