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Tina Fey Puts White Women On Blast For Voting For Trump “You Can’t Look Away”

All the pink pussy hats in the world won't change that a majority of White women (53%) voted FOR Donald Trump.

They voted for his "pussy grabbing".

They voted for his "border wall".

They voted for his Muslim Ban.

It's...almost as if their privileged place in our society was to be protected and they didn't really give a fuck that Women Of Colour would feel the brunt of these harmful policies more than they would. Something that Black Feminists have been saying for years.

"It appeared that these feminists were, once again, dismissing women of color (WOC) in favor of a brand of solidarity that centers on the safety and comfort of white women."

Alot of this lead to those Black Feminists being labelled as "angry bullies", "the REAL racists" & "divisive". To them, it was just obvious (and frankly, not surprising); Trump played to the (hidden) fears and biases of White people and won.

Like Dave Chappelle said: "A lot of people were shocked by Trump's win...but us? We know our Whites".

If this happened anywhere else in the world, people would state the obvious: they voted as an ethnic bloc, some against their own best interests.

And Tina Fey of all people (who herself fell in that "White Feminist™ category) is calling it out:

"A lot of this election was turned by kinda white college-educated women (44% of whom voted for Trump) who would now maybe like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV and I would want to urge them to like ‘You can’t look away.’

Black women are the #1 victims of White Supremacy and as such, outright rejected Trump (93% voted against him). So it's fair to say that even though they weren't at a majority risk to be deported, have walls built against them, etc...they still rejected him. Soundly. If Latinx / White women voted the same way, there would be no President Trump. It's important to speak about just how pervasive White Supremacist ideology is in our society where we can and I'm thankful Tina Fey is pointing it out, because ultimately the only people that will be able to defeat White Supremacy...are White people.

The media spent a lot of time wondering why POC didn't save White people from other White people, focusing on tired tropes like "low voter turnout in minority communities" as opposed to obvious voter suppression by Republicans.

To me, that means this can and will happen again. And if we are to truly progress as a society, we MUST hold each other to account for our biases.

Especially when they announce themselves so bigly.


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