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Who To Know: Leslieville's Karen McRae, Ethically Sourced Custom Engagement Rings And More!

Our good friend and talented Canadian jewellery designer Karen MacRae's custom engagement ring design shop, On the Other Hand, is featured in the Toronto Guardian this month.

Karen is a super talented artist who can turn a banana leaf into a beautiful wedding band design - this is what she made for her own hubby!

Karen's partner, Sabrina Melendez is a master goldsmith and new mom, who graduated from Ecoles des Arts Appliques de Geneve Tech in 2009.

Together, they combine sensibility, an eye for creative design and technical skill to produce some real "gems" ;)

With a focus on ethically sourced and recycled materials, every ring, (necklace or bracelet) is hand crafted from solid gold or silver with a focus on simplicity and elegance. Below are just some of the many rings they have made before and after coming together as a team.

Their cute little shop at 1015 Queen St, (just east of Pape) was just completely made-over and now sports solid hardwood floors, beautiful Victorian wood trim and of course numerous display cases with a multitude of gorgeous handmade and ready to wear jewellery collections from themselves and other designers.

On the Other Hand Jewellery was born after years of creating attractive jewellery pieces and high fashion wearable art for other people's collections for other online galleries and retail stores in diverse markets across Canada.

Feel free to stop in anytime you're in the area. Bounce your ideas off Karen and just tell her Ken Bryan sent you and receive a free jewellery cleaning while you check out On The Other Hand Jewellery :)


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