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RIP Rob Ford: 1 Year Today

RIP to the biggest boss, ever. I hated the man's politics, but I never hated the man himself. To be honest, he's the type of dude I'd probably party with. I always saw him as a George W. Bush type...someone who didn't really want any of this shit, but went along with it anyways, because it's what's expected of him.

I can honestly say I miss this guy. I always said the only silver lining to his mayoralty would be that his ideas would be so glaringly wrong and his personality so caustic that none of the stupid shit he would want to do would pass. And I was right. Enter John Tory, a seemingly more "reasonable" man with ideas just as, if not worse than Rob Ford's...and we are about to be saddled with a 3 BILLION dollar one stop subway to nowhere. And spending an equal amount "repairing" the Gardiner east, when it would cost us 1/10th of that to just tear it down.

RIP Rob Ford, the city needs you now more than ever.


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