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FIGURES: Something Old Is New Again In Yorkville

I want to invite you to my new weekly Friday night spot.

It's been 7 months since #InGoodCompanyFridays on the Thompson rooftop ended and I've been taking my time to find the right place, for the right people to congregate and have a fun, grown up Friday night together. Happy to announce: I've found it!

When my buddy Patrick Marzouk asked me to come take a look at his new venue in Yorkville, I didn't know what to expect. Well, what I found blew me away.

Located at 137 Avenue Rd in the old Coco Lezzone location, hidden behind a secret wall in a vintage comic / toy collectible shop is a world built on childhood imagination and grown up luxury.

Imagine an intimate supper club, with a michelin trained chef (Daniel NYC, 3 Michelin stars) and a master mixologist who is well renowned across Toronto, that's hidden behind a vintage comic book / toy collector shop...with collectibles worth tens of thousands in the storefront (hellooo, it is Yorkville) and you have FIGURES.

I signed up on the spot to help out. I want you to join me in experiencing one of the most unique venues I've ever seen.

The music is fantastic, the people...well, it's Yorkville, so you know what to expect

And the decor, with attention to detail that I haven't seen anywhere in a long time is something to behold. The tagline for this place is "These are the figures that shaped us" a reference to the iconic imagery that can be found throughout the venue. it's my turn...allow me to shape your Friday nights: fun, food, drinks and dancing in a venue designed to remind you of the wonders of your childhood, while serving you in a sensible, adult manner, EVERY FRIDAY. Hosted by yours truly.

Welcome to FIGURES, your new Friday night.

For dinner reservations, contact FIGURES directly.


137 Avenue Rd at Davenport.


Dinner from: 5:30pm onwards

Dancing: 10pm onwards


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