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On International Womens Day, The Trudeaus Show Us How To Not Do Feminism

I know, I know, compared to the flaming dumpster fire going on south of our border, we have it pretty good.

But, just like I learned when it came to our Mayoral race "not Rob Ford", is a horrible qualifier to run our city. And I'm learning that "not Donald Trump" is a terrible way to judge our politicians. Don't get me wrong, Justin Trudeau is a MUCH better choice than Stephen Harper, but we can't be satisfied with him not being Satan incarnate. He can and should do much better than he currently is.

Putting a pretty face, nice smile, gorgeous hair and toned tush on "liberal" in name only ideology while governing just left of Harper will not suffice.

I have no doubt the Trudeau's are well meaning people (as all limousine liberals are), but the warm glaze over their social stances melts away when put under the microscope.

Exhibit A:

Our first lady, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau is getting some well deserved heat for this tone deaf post where she tells women to celebrate international women's celebrating the men in their lives.

This is Prime Ministerial level douchebaggery: a tone deafness that can only be brought on by someone so insulated by their wealth, privilege and power that they've completely lost any concept of what it means to be oppressed...assuming they had that understanding in the first place.


I had to explain to a lady on Instagram (who had a picture of her wearing a Pink Pussy™ hat...unironically) that chided everyone who criticized Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau.

"Feminism isn't about hating men, thank you for being a TRUE Feminist, Sophie".

To which I had to respond:

Asserting oneself in the face of oppression isn't "hatred". You remind me of the ppl that don't understand why people say "Black Lives Matter". It's an affirmation in the face of degradation. It's because in the face of oppression it's very easy to ERASE peoples struggles, thereby allowing the oppressive structure to remain in place. Given the structural power men have, it's dangerous to center them in a discussion of female empowerment. Your backdooring #NotAllMen & #AllLivesMatter into the conversation and opening it up to derailment by centering the feelings of men over the lives of women. If one thinks insisting the focus remains on WOMEN on #IWD is being "hateful" I would think one doesn't realize the true extent of their own power and privilege...and should do some more thinking about both. Like Sophie should...

I think our first lady is just a very well meaning, privileged woman who doesn't see the true depths of the oppression ALL women face. And that's why this thing fell flat. It's getting dragged to hell on Twitter and has people wondering "what the hell were your PR people thinking?!".

Approaching something like systemic oppression of women from the perspective of the most privileged class of woman is highly problematic. Your solution works for you and the women in your social strata while blithely leaving behind all the other women.

Oppressed people are not being "hateful" or seeking special treatment when they assert their self worth. Our society has been denying their self worth in obvious and insidious ways for centuries. For us to take a day for women and make it about men isn't "equality" at all. For instance, instead of centering your loving, handsome, feminist significant other...why not center the Black woman who's facing incredible racism since being elected as chair of PRIDE?

Your husband likes PRIDE right? How powerful and full of meaning would it have been if you posted her on your IG and asked for all women to stand with her?

Or why not center any of the #MMIW in Canada who still don't have a voice?

Now onto Exhibit B:

OXFAM's report on the Trudeau government's "Feminist" policies and how they affect women.

Keep in mind, Justin Trudeau purposefully sought to gender balance his cabinet "because it's 2016"...but as Canadians we can do much, much, better. Saying nice things is...nice. But having to roll up your sleeves and fight the tough battles for equality is nicer.


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