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How Donald Trump Gets His News

Donald Trumps's tweeting again. This time that he "found out" that President Obama "hacked" his phones at Trump tower.

Now WHERE did Trump "find out" this info? From the daily intelligence briefings he refuses to be a part of?

Or the ones he DOES look long as they have alot of pictures?


He got it from Breitbart.




For further proof of this hypothesis:

It's gotten so bad that the Twittersphere is now accurately predicting WHICH bits of bad news Trump is gonna parrot after he finishes watching FOX 😂

It goes without saying of course, that ignoring intelligence from, ya know...the intelligence community while publicly pushing biased, "fake news" from FOX isn't exactly Presidential. But it does serve to feed his "base" of tens of millions of rightwing fanatics who only want to hear things that reenforce their matter how wrong that world view is.

Here's a highly detailed chart outlining the process through which "President" Trump spreads his news:


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