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CBC: "Automation set for big promotions in white-collar job market"

Let's face it, capitalism is based on artificial scarcity. Fact is, AI, the IoT & robotics means in the next decade people are gonna be losing their jobs. A lot of people. Blockchain for instance is gonna lower the need for lawyers. It's already happening.

No one's safe.

We've been trained to think that our "worth" in life is tied to what someone pays us for our labour. What happens when our labour is no longer needed? Do you suddenly start being worthless? Or do you adjust what it is that defines your worth?

Personally, I'd do what I do for free bc I love it. I've found the deeper meaning in what I do. I Love connecting people. I love being creative and coming up with cool event ideas. I love giving people a weekly escape and a passionate release.

How about you?

'As well or better than humans': Automation set for big promotions in white-collar job market

Experts say Canadian workers could be in for some major upheaval over the next decade as increasingly intelligent software, robotics and artificial intelligence perform more sophisticated tasks in the economy. (CBC News)

Tory Shoreman thought she was safe.

As far as career choices go, working in mortgage financing at one of the country's top banks seemed like a solid bet.

She figured there would be more job security than many other professions and plenty of opportunities to climb the corporate ladder in Toronto.

That was back in 2010.

Over the next seven years, she says she had a front-row seat to watch automation — most often intelligent software — take over nearly every aspect of mortgage processing.

"I witnessed about 40 per cent of my department get laid off and the reason they were given was automation," the 32-year-old told CBC News. "And these are people who had spent years getting trained to be experts in this field. A lot of it was pretty shocking to all of us."

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