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Funny: Black Twitter Loses Its Damn Mind Over Burger King - Popeye's Merger

FIRST OF ALL: Popeye's is a "hood" institution because it's delicious and it's cheap!!! When you're poor, 4 pieces of exquisitely breaded, golden chicken with that glorious warm bun and fries / mashed potato and gravy is a STEAL! Now get ya'll damn minds out of that racist ass gutter. I see you! I know you was thinking it!!

SECOND OF ALL: Coincidentally, I just so happen to live above a Burger King AND a Popeye's and I've requested my landlord install a fireman's pole in my living room. I'll let you know how it goes. lol.

Now that we got all that outta the way, laugh with me at Black Twitter's funny ass reactions. lol.


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