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Ouuuuu! Young M.A Makes Her Canadian Debut At REBEL Next Friday!

"Ouuuuuu! Yeah they hating but they broke though!"

Young MA burst seemingly out of nowhere, filling the gap of the incarcerated Bobby Shmurda (of Hot N*gga fame), with Ouuuuu! A catchy, very NYC song that started rocking the clubs the minute it was played.

Not bad for a song that she recorded while allegedly drunk. lol.

The smash hit "ouuuu" by 23 yr old rapper Young MA from Brooklyn has been dominating and I'm stoked to have her at her first ever Canadian performance!!

I'm not surprised that the first "openly" gay rapper is a female. The real test for our society will be when a man comes out, though. I expect to see a whole lot of triggering when the myth of Black male hypermasculinity that's personified in Hip-Hop "gangsta" culture is challenged by a dude who openly likes getting his booty blasted 😂 #MuhMasculinity. lol.

Young MA simultaneously made stud culture sexy to the masses...and made everyone rethink Stephanie as a name for their daughters. lol.

The phenom is going to be making her Canadian debut at REBEL next Friday February 24th with a FULL performance for all her fans!

Tickets can be purchased here.

Tables are almost sold out! Message me if you'd like one!


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