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Johnny Depp's Got Black Roots And I Don't Mean His Hair

Well damn. Maybe Black History Month isn't useless after all.

Turns out Johnny Depp's great grandmother was the first slave to sue for her freedom...and won!

Researchers said Depp's eighth great-grandmother was Elizabeth Key, the first slave in the American colonies to sue for her freedom and win. It happened in 1656 in Virginia, where some of Depp's ancestors have lived since the early 1600s.

Now we know where Johnny got his cheekbones and eyes.

It's interesting how we think of race as a society: we place so much emphasis on it, but it really, really, doesn't mean shit.

This reminds me of Craig Cobb, the White Supremacist terrorist (he's actually been charged with terrorism after harassing and threatening an interracial couple) who's literally building an all White town in the US who got "outted" as being 14% Sub-Saharan African on national TV via DNA testing 😂

One of the biggest White Nationalists in the USA, a man described by Wikipedia as

"A white nationalist, white separatist, Neo-Nazi, antisemite, and Holocaust denier" basically a Black guy. LMAO!!!

This is a guy who has said:

"Black immigrants to America would be instructed on arrival: ‘If you try to have sex with our white handmaidens we will hang you."

Good thing no one did that to his ancestor or he wouldn't be here. lol! Wait...🤔


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