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The United Hearts Gala This Friday At Liberty Grand! Canada's Best And Brightest Party For A Cau

What happens when you take some of the biggest companies in the world and combine them with good old fashioned Canadian heart, good food, great music and of course open bar?

The inaugural UNITED HEARTS GALA in support of Brands For Canada! A uniquely Canadian company.

BFC takes surplus inventory from companies like Proctor and Gamble and H & M and makes "care packages" for Canadians in need!

“By engaging individuals, corporations and organizations in conversations about how they can make a direct impact on the lives of those in need, we are creating a service for a circular economy, as we bridge the gap between surplus production and meeting the immediate needs of communities dealing with poverty.”

Proceeds from the United Hearts Gala will go to benefit:


In partnership with the Toronto District School Board; Brands For Canada delivers care

packages filled with basic necessities such as new clothing, personal care items and school supplies directly to 300 schools for their students in need.

Sad fact: Toronto is Canada's child poverty capital!!


Children, women, men, and families entering shelters will be gifted with backpacks of new, comforting items such as pajamas, slippers, toys, toothbrushes and blankets.

The United Hearts program is linked to a new poverty awareness campaign directed at

educating students and the public about Empathy, Gratitude and Unity for all members of the community.

Sad Fact: The Rogers Centre isn't big enough to hold all the people that use food banks in Toronto...monthly.

The fact of the matter is, I grew up just like this. Shoes with holes in them that had to last me all through the year, including the winter months (protip: stuffing your runners with plastic bags may keep your feet dry, but not warm. lol), I had to go to school hungry (protip: a thermos full of kool-aid is NOT filling) and I knew the sting of just never having enough. All the time.

This is why I'm so passionate about charitable work. This is why I support events like this and always will. This is why I encourage those of us who have, to help those of us who don't. Not only is it moral and right, but it's also practical: we have to pay for each other one way or another. We can help people with a hand up and acts of generosity and kindness to help them better their lives now or we can lock them away later when as they get older, their options start dropping and desperation or despair sets in. Believe me, the former is better and cheaper than the latter.

Brands For Canada is the perfect example of what companies and Canadians are capable of when they lead with their hearts!

I'll be hosting the afterparty (duh), which starts after the opening cocktail reception, silent auction, etc.

United Hearts Gala Afterparty (9PM - 2AM), Liberty Grand

There will be live performances, bands, DJs, open bar, passed apps and an amazing, upscale crowd for you to mingle and network with!

Or I can add you to the list and you can pay at the door for the Afterparty HERE ($75).


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