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In Defence Of Millennials

#Millennial bashing is tired, lazy, lame and I'm getting sick of it.

1. if you're in your mid-30s, you're a millennial. So stop bashing "them". 2. Millennials won't sell their souls for some job that pays them less than what it paid their parents 20 yrs ago despite being similarly or better educated and somehow THEY are the problem? 3. Baby boomers kept all the wealth. Wages have NOT gone up proportional to inflation or anything else for that matter and ya'll are mad we are hip to that and doing our own thing? 4. Millennials are woke as hell, they LOVE brands, but want those brands to do right by them and the planet...what monsters!

What's really going on is Millennials are woke to all the garbage our society has been churning out and are going to be the ones putting out the dumpster fire previous generations have only been too happy to fuel for decades.

The party's coming to an end and all anyone can do is regress and act like jerks.

Lets face it. Milennial bashing is just one giant exercise in gaslighting the shit out of an entire generation so we feel bad because we don't wanna be just like "you".

Sorry, we are more connected and aware than any generation that's come, ever before. We know where there is a better way and are trying to find thanks to you.

We know there's new technology to embrace, new more ethical and humane ways of doing business to help emerge and more LOVE to spread.

I can confidently say #Millenials are going to be the future Greatest Generation™...(except for those #AltRight assholes) so keep dreaming, keep fighting and don't take any shit.


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