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Middle-Eastern Family That Voted For Trump Deported Back To Syria

Hold on, first let me say

Here's the story from NBC:

Six members of the Assali family – comprising of two brothers, their wives and two children – were detained by Customs and Border Protection officials after disembarking a Qatar Airways flight at 7:25 a.m. Saturday, hours before a Brooklyn federal judge issued a stay on deportations initiated under Trump’s executive order.

As a result, the six relatives were forced onto an 18-hour flight to Doha and are currently in Damascus, said relative Joseph Assali from Allentown. One of his relatives experienced heart problems on the flight and was given oxygen.

No, I don't feel a lick of pity for these people unlike the many other innocents who've been victimized by this headassery.

I've come across more than one person who was all "Oh, he's talking about THEM, not us", showing a complete lack of compassion and care and incredible selfishness.

Like the old Jamaican saying goes "Be careful who you dig a ditch for, you may just fall in it, yourself".


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