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Bay St's Bad Boy And Toronto's Nightlife King Reopen The El Mocambo This Summer!

I live across the street from this place and couldn't be happier to hear the news.

As Toronto continues to lose popular music clubs (The Silver Dollar, Hoxton, Soybomb to name a few) one venue owner is taking steps to ensure his spot not only survives, but thrives.

Michael Wekerle, new-ish owner of El Mocambo, and also a financier, tech entrepreneur, and cast member of CBC’s Dragons’ Den is partnering with INK Entertainment to take over operations of the legendary Toronto venue.

Charles Khabouth and his team, the same folks behind Rebel Nightclub, Cube, Uniun, the Veld Music Fest and restaurants like Byblos, Patria and Figo will manage the El Mo.

This is the first real sign of life since its closure announcement in 2014.

With INK's partnership with Live Nation, this place will stay busy with cool bookings. I may just get involved myself!!

Read More about it on BlogTO


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