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Day 10 Of The Trumpocalypse: Trump Breaks America

The US has 3 branches of government to prevent dictatorship using separation of powers. Executive (President), Legislative (Congress who passes laws) & Judiciary (judges who interpret the constitution to make sure the laws are constitutional). Trump just neutered the judiciary.

Not only did he remove the Judiciary from the White House website after the judge said his #MuslimBan was illegal.

Now Federal Marshals are NOT complying with their obligation to uphold the constitution and arrest the people who are in contempt of the judiciary. People who were being detained are STILL being detained and Federal marshals are "awaiting word" from an Attorney General, despite an Attorney General asking WTF is going on (see the attached file) and wants to know why the hell isn't the judiciary being listened to? I cannot stress enough how bad this is.

The reason why America is a "stable Democracy" is because of the RULE OF LAW and Checks and Balances between government branches ensures that. Well, guess we can throw those two out the window now.

Ken Bryan Just so people realize how serious this is. The reason why the US no longer has segregation, is because when people in the south refused the judiciary, they sent in law enforcement.

THIS is how de-segregation happened in the South and it's because the officers of the law, followed lawful orders from the judiciary. This is terrifying if you understand the precedent that has just been set.

"Sir, it is my sad duty to ask you to step aside under the orders of the President of the United States."

This occurred after President Kennedy federalized the National Guard and ordered them to enforce the courts wishes. He's not wearing a suit, he's wearing his fatigues. That's how serious this got. The Federal Marshalls refusing to follow the judiciaries orders should force a constitutional crisis, because we know Trump isn't going to activate the national guard. smh.

Following this, now the acting Attorney General (the highest law enforcement official in the US) Sally Yates has ordered the Department Of Justice to NOT defend the Trump administrations #MuslimBan.

This is really #UnPresidented and NOT how stable democracies operate. This is not normal.

Update: She's been fired.

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