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Day 7 Of The Trumpocalypse: AY CARAMBA!

An ongoing tally of all the fuckery leading up to armageddon

Following his announcement of building a billion dollar concrete wall to keep Mexicans out, Trump suggested a 20% tax on all goods coming from Mexico. That would supposedly also include food. Which means the cost of food in America would sky rocket. Hopefully all those "Working class" White people who are having such a tough go of it right now have stocks invested in energy and prisons, because they're gonna need all that added wealth from somewhere when an avocado costs $10.

The problem here is Trump is an idiot racist, who's supported by millions of other idiot racists. When they think of Mexico Mexicans they think of "criminals, rapists, murderers, drug dealers...and some, I assume are good people".

  • They don't think that Mexico is America's 3rd largest trading partner who purchases more goods from the US than all of the BRICS nations combined (they do).

  • They don't realize that Mexico is the US' 3rd largest agricultural export market (they are). ed's note: Farmers are "working class", right?

All in all, this means should the US start a trade war with Mexico to pay for that stupid wall, which by all accounts is the most expensive and least effective way to control "illegal" immigration...Americans may end up having more trouble putting food on their table than they realize.

There's an old Jamaican saying: "When you're digging a grave for someone, make sure you dig two, because that same hole you're planning for someone to fall in is gonna be the same one you drop in too".

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