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Twitter U: Why "A 14 Yr Old" Definitely Didn't Hack John Podesta

Twitter's a cesspool. The app is confusing and the company does nothing to control the out of control hate and state propaganda that ruins it for people that could be making it money. It's humanities unfiltered id. But much like humanity, there are alot of bright lights; some very smart people that I learn alot from...I'll post those lights here for you in my ongoing series: Twitter U.

Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) was interviewed by Sean Hannity last night and Donald Trump got wind of it.

Like most things these days, the people disseminating the information (Hannity) are too lazy to vet it and of course, that doesn't stop Donald Trump from repeating it. Good thing there are people out there that DO know what they are talking about and pay attention to things like facts.

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