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Steph Curry Isn't Happy After Last Night's Loss

The NBA certainly gave us a gift yesterday on Christmas. Golden State lost to the CAVS in humiliating fashion: Blowing a 14 point 4th quarter lead and their stars getting dunked on by 36 yr old Richard Jefferson (this guy loves EFS by the way, he's always there when he's in town).

Can you blame Klay Thompson for being a little pissed? It’s Christmas and instead of hanging with his family, he’s getting dunked on by a 36-year old, missing wide-open layups, having a game-winner made on him and having to answer questions about losing a 14-point lead to a team they lost a 3-1 lead to in the NBA Finals.

And to top it all off, their two time reigning back to back MVP was BENCHED for the last play of the game. Look at him protecting his delicate little light skinneded eyes from the ass whoopin' Uncle Drew was putting on 'em.

“Honestly, I can’t have 11 shots,” Curry said. “I’ve got to get more looks at the rim. That’s nobody’s fault. I’ve just got to figure out a way to be more aggressive in that respect. And keep the defense honest and use all the talent we have on this team, including my scoring ability.”

This was a great game and had all the entertainment you could want from an NBA game on Christmas.


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