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I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

It's no secret I love to party. Hell, I love it so much I've made a career out of it. Which, considering I grew up painfully shy was no small feat.

Difference between me and alot of other party animals is I don't like partying for the sake of partying. I LOVE when the party is authentic. Good people. Good vibes. Good energy and good music.

Enter DJ Vally Tee.

I met her when I was doing Thompson Hotel #InGoodCompanyFridays. She was the resident DJ in the lobby and even though I was only doing the roof, my parties were so packed I would end up in the lobby with all my people who couldn't get up there due to capacity.

And every. Single. Time. I was down there, I would find myself hopping along like a madman and running up to the DJ either telling her how much I loved the track she was playing or asking her what track she was playing.

I mean, every time. From wicked reggae sets to some of my favourite house tracks, this girl was killing it. So of course, I had to get her to DJ more for me after I left Thompson.

One quick introduction to the right people at REBEL (my new Saturday night party spot) and what do you know? She got herself a gig!

This Saturday I would LOVE for everyone to come to REBEL and cheer on my current favourite DJ, Vally Tee as she takes over the decks inside REBEL's Purple Room (so named in honour of owner Charles Khabouth's fave, the immortal PRINCE) where deep house music lives.

She'll be spinning with two other stunning local DJ's, Carmelinda and Shannon Young for a monthly event called: GIRLS ON TOP.

This night will feature sexy house, sexy women in a very sexy room (duh, it's named for PRINCE)...and it's Val's bday so all her friends will be there as she makes her debut in the biggest nightclub in Canada. Not gonna lie...I kinda saw this coming.

Check out Val's Soundcloud here for her latest mixes and come get ready to DANCE!


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