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Lets Wait And See What He'll Do Pt. 1

#LetsWaitAndSee: A running anthology of things people that aren't protected by White Privilege should probably worry about Donald Trump doing, but that would be "hysterics" according to people who are.

And today in "Lets wait and see what he'll do" Donald Trump's surrogates are floating the idea of a national registry for Muslim immigrants and using the Japanese concentration camps from WW2 as precedent.

Of course, this is the brain child of Kris Kobachs, a key member of Trump's transition team (in charge of immigration no less) and also the guy who came up with one of the most racist laws in American history (that's saying alot), SB 1070.

Who is Kris Kobach and what is SB 1070? This law:

Arizona’s S.B. 1070 compels police to ask for papers from anyone they have a reasonable suspicion of being without status. Under this law any person of color, or anyone with a foreign accent, can be required to prove their status and be jailed—regardless of whether they are a citizen or an immigrant—until they can do so.

Now you see why Japanese internment camps were a good idea to this guy. But who knows? Maybe a racist with all the power to enact his racism (again) and was put in charge of immigration won't use all the power that Trump's about to give him to enact monstrously racist shit. Who knows? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Another Trump surrogate Republican State Senator Doug Ericksen (probably the most horribly Doug on the planet) tabled a bill for 2017 (when Trump's President) to make protests that "disrupt commerce" Economic Terrorism.

So all those people down at Standing Rock and #NoDAPL? Under this bill, blocking a road like this? Terrorism.

Rememebr what the US does to "terrorists".

But why worry right? Surely all these racists he's putting into positions of power and the GOP that blocked Obama on everything for 8 years (showing they don't go against the party) are suddenly going to have a change of heart and there will be vigorous debate amongst themselves whether these measures are reasoned and legal, amirite?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see.



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