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Pointing Out Racism Is Not Racist

So, apparently because I noted that White people overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump across all lines...

...was racist.

I mean, it's not like the guy's platform was so racist that the KKK (those people that like to kill people that look like me) didn't give him an official endorsement! pointing out that Trump's entire campaign was heavy on racism and light on policies that weren't racist and White people fell for it wasn't racist.

Wanna know what is racist? All the racist attacks that White people have been committing in the 24 hours against people of colour since Trump's election.

Like here. Telling an Asian woman pumping gas that "Trump won, now ya'll gotta get out". That's pretty racist.

Wanna know what's racist? Asking an Asian dude buying cigarettes if he speaks English, then when the Brown cashier tells them to leave the guy alone calling him Bin Laden, then threatening to come back and burn a cross while yelling White Power. That's pretty racist.

Wanna know what's racist? Putting on Blackface and posing in front of a Confederate flag (which represents the fight "to maintain the heavenly ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race" according to it's racist creator) in celebration of Trump's election. That's pretty racist.

Wanna know what's racist? Saying that since Trump and the not racist Republicans now control every level of the US government, that it's ok to organize armed Vigilante Squads to deal with people pushing "Diversity" on university campuses. I'd think that's pretty racist.

Wanna know what's racist? Yelling "I'm tired of you uppity Niggers" at a Black woman minding her own business pumping gas. That's pretty racist.

Wanna know what's racist? Yelling "Go back to China, you Chink!" at someone pumping gas (I'm starting to see a pattern. I don't think I've ever been happier to not own a car). What makes it even more racist is the person isn't even Chinese! Or Asian! I dunno man, in my mind, that's extra special, stupid, racist.

Wanna know what else is racist? Calling a Black woman a "Black bitch" and threatening her with a gun. That's pretty racist.

What's that? Break up the monotony of this race stuff? How about some sexism? Here ya go:

Oh. Here some guys tried literally grabbing a (White) girl by her pussy.

Remember...52% of White women voted for Trump. It's almost as if there was some strange thing that made women overlook this horribly sexist man and all the assholes that followed him...and his VP's votes against equal pay for women in the senate...I wonder what that other thing could have been that appealed to (White) women more than Black and Latino women? Hmmm?

What? Get back on topic? Sure. Allow me to square the circle by offering some racism to go with that sexism. Because threatening Latino women with violence and rape is also pretty racist.

Wanna know what ELSE is racist? Pro-Trump racist graffiti that's been popping up all over the US since Trumps victory.

"Black Lives Don't Matter And Neither Does (sic) Your Votes"

Now, I know what you're thinking! Racism's always been around and there's no indication that any of this has to do with race! Even if kids in high schools are walking around yelling "White Power" with Trump signs.

I know, I knowwww, it's just "kids being kids" right? Surely it was just a harmless, tasteless joke? This is from the same school. And the same kids.

Still think this election had "nothing to do with race"? Well then, surely there MUST be instances of average, everyday White people yelling about their 401Ks at bankers and telling them to go back to Harvard, in the past 24 hours since Trump got elected, right?

Maybe some financial analysts were assaulted and threatened with rape while they were pumping gas? How about buying cigarettes and using bathrooms? Ya know...since this election had nothing to do with race and everything to do with "economic anxiety"?

If so, please feel free to let me know, because truly, I'd love to be wrong on this one.


Maybe. Jusssst maybeeee...a US political candidate seized on the backlash against Black rights and advancement that inevitably follows said rights and advancement every single time in US history? Remember the KKK that endorsed him? THEY WERE CREATED DURING RECONSTRUCTION AFTER THE CIVIL WAR TO TERRORIZE NEWLY FREED SLAVES!

Every era of racial progress engenders a racist backlash. The one that is still unfolding in the wake of Barack Obama’s presidency bears a striking resemblance in tone to the reaction that swept the South after Reconstruction, the period after the Civil War when former slaves were granted constitutional rights and black Americans served in interracial governments that came to power in the former Confederacy.

The sight of former slaves eagerly lining up to vote and electing their fellow citizens to public offices was anathema to Southerners who had justified slavery, and believed that Negroes were not fit to govern because they were not actually persons. And early historians of this period embraced the Southern view that Reconstruction governments were corrupt and incompetently run.

I dunno man. Maybe all this lack of evidence (including people admitting race and sex had things to do wiht their vote) of anything other than racism and sexism of Trump's campaign appealing to White people (who benefit from racism) means something? Like it fucking worked? I mean...he is the President elect now, right?

Maybe. Just maybe, all those people that admitted to having deeply racist and sexist motivations tied to their support of Trump weren't fucking lying and and their votes against Hillary reflected that?

Maybe I'm a Black dude that's had enough of this bullshit and can't believe (but actually can and is kind of relieved) that people people are finally being so honest about their racism and sexism, but is even more flabbergasted at all the (White) people NOT believing (White) people when they admit their racism and sexism and is making it perfectly fucking clear in his awesome blog?

Either that or I'm just some Black dude who's majority friends and clientele are White and I suddenly went nuts and is seeing racism everywhere and hates White people and wants to endanger his professional and personal relationships by calling it out for nothing.

Because it's not like Black people don't get punished for speaking out against racism and sexism, right?

Which makes sense?

Guys. Me pointing out White people's racism isn't racist. Quite the opposite in fact. Everyone should be pointing out racism and challenging it. ESPECIALLY White people. ESPECIALLY White men. Because ultimately, you guys are the ones who will be responsible for ending it. Not me. And not people of colour. Because guess what? Your silence and your votes? That's what emboldens racism. Both "personal" and systemic.

And just like your hero Trump said "you can't defeat a problem, until you can speak it's name" amirite? So. Once more with feeling: White people voted for a fucking racist. Or at least a guy with a racist platform. That needs to stop happening. And in case it's not clear, me saying that is NOT racist.


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