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Very Important: White People Did This

Yeah, so...I know "blaming Black people" is a national sport. But stop it when it comes to the Trump win. But White people (ed note: race is a social structure), I love ya'll...but you gotta own this one. Lock, stock and barrel.

Despite the Supreme Court gutting the Voting Rights Act (and subsequent voter suppression efforts by racist states like North Carolina, Georgia & Florida) and Gerrymandering of districts to ensure even if Republicans lost population wise, they still won electorally, Black people came out solidly AGAINST Trump.

But that didn't help.

Nope. Not when Trump had overwhelming numbers of White voters who voted for him heavily.

So...leave us out of this one. K?

There's a reason #GirlIGuessImWithHer trended after Hillary beat Bernie. We got on side.

Trump only got 4% of the Black female vote vs 52% of the White female vote & 13% of the Black male vote vs. 62% of the White male vote. So please. White people. Own this one. "Grab her by the pussy" only mattered to White women for a week! It didn't matter at all to White men.

In fact, one could argue that considering Trump won a MAJORITY of the White, female vote, that White women placed race over gender in this election. Which would put this iconic moment of women placing "I voted" stickers on the grave of notoriously racist White Suffragist Susan B. Anthony in a whole other light. Especially given she reasoned giving White women the right to vote as a way to prop up White Supremacy.

And her dream came true last night.

Nope, my White bros & sisters...this is on you. Remember this vote when next year Roe vs. Wade...that thing that guarantees access to abortions and a woman's control over her body gets struck down by Trump and Pence's Supreme Court pick.

Remember who White women came out in full force for when your paycheque is less than a White man's who does the same work.

Race is the biggest con job that has vulnerable White people voting against their own best interests over and over again.

I said that Trump would win because of this and I was right.

Nope. You can't blame us. Black people did our thing. Even though Trump didn't target us mainly, we know the jig when we see it.

He went after Latino's and got more of their vote than Romney did! I chalk that one up to "White Hispanics" like George Zimmerman...just ask Afro Latino's how they work.

Your "crazy" racist (and sexist) uncles and grandma's won this one.

This is what the electoral map would look like if only Millennials voted.

Enjoy Thanksgiving.

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